Civil Trainings



Courses for civils are develop to increase personal secure and upgrade protection abilities. We offer wide range of trainings customized to the skills and tailored to the needs of Client.


  • risk assessment
  • protective teams
  • shooting (dynamic, situation, from behind vehicles, while moving)
  • tactical shooting in special and protective groups
  • priorities of fire
  • close combat techniques
  • combat driver training (defensive and offensive driving)
  • paramedic


  • maritime emergency preparation and response
  • deployable ship and port security teams
  • pirate vessel recognition
  • anti-boarding procedures
  • use of force
  • hostage situations
  • liaising with regional naval forces
  • vulnerability assessments
  • characteristics of a safe room
  • weapons safety and live fire training
  • communications / command and control
  • tactical combat casualty care


  • medical ABC (danger, respond, airway, breathing, circulation)
  • gunshot wound dressing
  • blast injury dressing
  • helping a great number of injured
  • stopping bleeding
  • fracture treatment
  • medical evacuation
  • using first aid medical equipment


  • tactical shooting in protective and special group
  • basic/advanced pistol
  • basic/advanced rifle
  • precision rifle
  • shooting positions
  • tactical use of cover
  • drawing from the holster
  • reloads and malfunctions
  • multiple shots
  • multiple target


  • fundamentals of external ballistics
  • angular units
  • effects of weather, wind and mirage – adjustment
  • types of scopes and reticles
  • range estimation techniques
  • types of precision and long range weapon; additional equipment
  • shooting positions
  • shooting team – shooter + spotter
  • zeroing
  • long distance shooting techniques


  • close contact combat
  • defence against an opponent armed with pistol
  • defence against an opponent armed with knife
  • defence against an opponent armed with stick/machete
  • knife combat techniques
  • stick combat techniques